This is an effort to port oswan, the WonderSwan emulator, to Linux (and everywhere else SDL is implemented). The windows build of oswan uses SDL but only for graphics. I've written an SDL wrapper driver for SEAL to use SDL for audio, and have removed the GUI for now. (Put the rom name on the command line. Use -E to change video enhancement settings.)

I will refine this port as time permits if there's any interest. I would also like to get in touch with the creator of Oswan.

Oswan 0.7-port4:
Source includes the source for the SEAL audio library with the SDL driver.
Binary, ia32 Built on the latest Debian sid/unstable. (glibc 2.3.1, SDL 1.2)

3rd party utilities:
wstech23.txt Apparently the essential reference for information discovered about the WSC.
com2ws this, nasm, and wstech22.txt are all you need to start writing your own WSC programs!


Added reading and writing of sram from and to .sav files. You can use the option "-s <filename>" to override the default .sav name (rom name with .sav substituted for the file extension.)

Realized that in tinkering with the timing, I broke it horribly. Fixed now.

Integrated bug fix patches from zalas for some very nice sound emulation.
Added some optional sound port tracing code.
Changed timing, according to wstech22.txt

Initial release. Sucked.


files by zalas including OSwan bug fixes and a dev kit
pocketdomain! Good stuff, including the latest wstech files.


There seem to be endianness bugs in Oswan. Don't expect success on big-endian systems and maybe even any systems other than ia32 machines.
zalas warns that his gpu patch may have introduced some glitches.

by hmaon