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Att2Intl will convert gcc's AT&T syntax assembly output (.s) into Intel syntax (.asm), intended for compilation with NASM or Tasm.

Hello, this is Greg. I've decided to release a utility I've written, att2intl, just in case anyone needs it.
(Disclaimer: This program is not guaranteed to be suitable for any particular purpose or not to fail at some crucial moment. I have tried to make sure that the program is problem free but I am not responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or insult you sustain directly or indirectly through the use of this program.)
This is being made available under the GNU Public License. I like free software.
The gas2masm utility in the Quake source is better written and probably more suitable for a modern environment, in case anyone still needs to convert assembly source.
I see that gcc 3.0 adds the -mintel-syntax command line option which basically makes att2intl obsolete! This is good news! :)
It doesn't seem to work perfectly yet. I hope they fix it; I don't know if I could make the changes myself.
(You might still need some kind of converter if you want NASM syntax but perhaps that will also be added to gcc? I think conversion from tasm to nasm is available already through other programs.)
Att2Intl v0.2.1 dos binary
Att2Intl v0.2.1 source
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I'd like to mention why I wrote this in the first place. Cam and I have been working on a large 3D graphics project in 103% assembly for a long time now, using 32 bit segment protected mode code with Tran's PMode 2.51. We've reached a point where we would like to use C for the more tedious parts of the code, but Borland C doesn't generate the output we need. We wanted to use DJGPP but all of its output is alien to tasm. Cough instead of .obj, AT&T syntax rather than Intel. (How did we end up with more than one standard for an asm syntax, anyway?) I looked for a converter but the only things I could find went from Intel to AT&T and from .obj to coff. This converter is my solution. I am making it public just in case anyone else ever faces a similar problem.
That's it for now. Enjoy and please tell me what you think.

(Greg Velichansky)
Oct 26, 2000